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Which LCD module is better?

2021-04-22 15:40:00

  To put it simply, the LCD module is the screen + backlight assembly. The display component of the LCD TV is the liquid crystal display module, which is equivalent to the picture tube in the CRT. Other parts include power supply circuits, signal processing circuits, etc., and of course the housing. Modules are mainly divided into screen and backlight components. The two parts are assembled together, but they are independent of each other when working.

  Application of LCD module: power measurement and control terminal, injection molding machine computer, numerical control system, human-machine interface, medical instrument, biochemical analysis, textile machinery control, tax control machine, lottery machine, food inspection, chromatography analysis, electronic measurement, environmental experiment Fields such as equipment, fire safety, automotive electronics and data acquisition. There are two main types of liquid crystal modules, one is color liquid crystal, and the other is monochromatic liquid crystal. Monochrome LCD is divided into monochrome graphic dot matrix LCD screen, monochrome character dot matrix LCD screen, and monochrome customized pen segment LCD screen.

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