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Why does the color of the segment LCD display change when it is working?

2021-05-16 15:35:00

  There are many smart products in the electronics industry, and the one that everyone is more familiar with is the LCD screen. Today, the editor will give you a detailed account of the relevant knowledge about the LCD screen, so that everyone can better understand this product.

  Everyone must be aware that the color of the LCD screen when it is not working is called the background color in the industry. The LCD display we use has two closed glass in the middle, and the thing enclosed by the glass is the liquid crystal. The liquid crystal will deflect when the voltage is applied, thereby distorting the angle of the transmitted light to achieve the purpose of displaying images. However, the transmitted light that is distorted by the liquid crystal cannot be seen directly with the naked eye. Therefore, a layer of material called polarizer is attached to the upper and lower sides of the glass. The function of this material is to make the distorted light image. Make the transmitted light into a pattern that can be seen by the naked eye.

  At present, many color screen TFTs have new imaging technology. Many screens are only attached with polarizers, and the color matrix layer in the glass is used to cancel the polarizers. Different brands and different models have different background colors because the twisting angle of the liquid crystal and the polarization angle of the polarizer during the design cause the light polarization differential display.