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Precautions when assembling and operating the LCD module.

2021-05-12 15:40:00

  Liquid crystal display module is a kind of high-tech basic components. Although its application is very extensive, it is still difficult for many people to use and assemble. Especially for dot-matrix liquid crystal display devices, users will feel at a loss. The special connection method and the required special equipment are not known and possessed by everyone. Therefore, the users of liquid crystal display devices hope that someone will do it for them. The control and drive integrated circuits are assembled together to form a functional component, and users can assemble it into a complete system only by using traditional technology. For this product, I believe everyone still wants to know more about it. Let me take a look at it with the editor:

  The following is about the precautions for the assembly operation of the LCD module:

  1. When installing, do not make the PCB board receive uneven force, so as to avoid defects such as missing sections, rainbows, etc. Do not modify the shape of the processed PCB, assembly holes, circuits and their components.

  2. Do not modify any internal support or structure. Also, don't touch, drop, or twist the module.

  3. The module is carefully designed and assembled, please do not process, modify or disassemble without consent, the damage caused by this, instability or even scrap, special crystal will be exempted from liability.

  4. Do not modify the conductive tape, ACF crimping part or other connection parts.

  5. Do not modify the parts of the LCD module at will, and do not deform it at will.