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How to maintain LCD products?

2021-04-29 15:35:00

  LCD products are widely used now, but everyone is certainly not very familiar with it. In the following explanation, as a professional LCD module manufacturer, Jinghanda Electronics will tell you how to maintain LCD products?

  One, add padding

  It is good to add a gasket of about 0.1 mm between the module and the front panel. The panel should also be kept flat to avoid distortion after assembly.

  2. Treatment of protective film

  A protective film is attached to the surface of the assembled module to prevent staining the display surface during assembly, so it must not be removed before the end of the assembly to avoid staining or damaging the display surface.

  3. Module storage

  For long-term storage (such as several years), we recommend the following methods: put in a polyethylene bag (good anti-static coating) and seal the mouth; place in a dark place to avoid strong light; never put anything on the surface; strictly Avoid storage outside the extreme temperature and humidity conditions (the polarizer for liquid crystal is afraid of high temperature and humidity).

  Four. Soldering, when soldering the outer leads of the module and the interface circuit, should be carried out as follows

  1. Do not let the solder drip onto the circuit board of the LCD screen during soldering, otherwise the screen will display abnormally due to a short circuit.

  2. Soldering iron temperature: 280±10°C; soldering time: 3~4S; soldering material: eutectic, low melting point; repeated soldering shall not exceed 3 times.

  3. If the connection between the LCD module and other peripheral circuits requires welding or changing the original connector, please make sure that the LCD module has passed the quality inspection in advance. Never physically damage the LCD screen and PCB, otherwise it will not be repairable.