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Specific knowledge points of LCD module

2021-05-07 15:35:00

  Liquid crystal display module working temperature and storage temperature: the normal temperature LCD working temperature is 0℃~50℃, and the storage temperature is -20℃~70℃. Wide temperature LCD working temperature is -30℃~80℃, storage temperature is -40℃~100℃. At room temperature, TN is as low as 0.7V, and STN is as low as 0.8V. The lower threshold voltage at wide temperature will increase accordingly.

  At the same time, the liquid crystal display module is a component that assembles liquid crystal display devices, connectors, integrated circuits, PCB circuit boards, backlight sources, and structural parts together. In fact, it is a commercial component. Although it has a wide range of applications, many people still find it difficult to use and assemble. Especially for dot-matrix liquid crystal display devices, users will feel at a loss. The special connection method and the required special equipment are not known and possessed by everyone. Therefore, the users of liquid crystal display devices hope that someone will do it for them. The control and drive integrated circuits are assembled together to form a functional component, and users can assemble it into a complete system only by using traditional technology.

  1, LCD dot matrix character module

  It is assembled by a dot matrix character liquid crystal display device and dedicated row and column drivers, controllers and necessary connecting parts, structural parts, and can display numbers and Western characters. This kind of dot matrix character module has a character generator, large display capacity and rich functions. Generally, this kind of module can display 8-bit 1 line or 16-bit 1 line or more characters. The dot matrix arrangement of this module is composed of a group of 5×7, 5×8 or 5×11 pixel dot matrix arrangements. Generally, there is a character library CGROM that has solidified 192 character fonts in the module control and driver, and also has a random access memory CGRAM that allows users to create special characters by themselves, allowing users to create 8 5×8 dot matrix characters.

  2, dot matrix graphic LCD module

  This kind of module is also a kind of dot matrix module, which is characterized by the continuous arrangement of dot matrix pixels, and there is no space between rows and columns in the arrangement. Therefore, continuous and complete graphics can be displayed. Since it is also composed of X-Y matrix pixels, it can display characters in addition to graphics.

  3, segment LCD module

  This is a functional component assembled by a segment type liquid crystal display device and a dedicated integrated circuit, which can only display numbers and some identification symbols. Segment LCD devices are mostly used in portable and pocket-sized devices. Due to the small size of some devices, the display part should not be designed as a separate component as much as possible. Even if a separate display component is required in some application fields, it should also have some information receiving, processing, and processing functions in addition to the display function. Functions such as storage and delivery are welcomed by the market because they have a certain general and specific function.